How Much Does the Marriage Visa Process Cost? Part II: Outside the United States

A common question that potential clients routinely ask me is:  How much does the marriage visa process cost?

Most potential clients I speak to know some of the costs – but not all.  The following is meant to outline the costs involved when the foreign national spouse is outside of the United States.  Part I of this series discussed the costs when the foreign national spouse is inside the United States.

If you are unclear on the Marriage Visa Process itself, please review the firm’s Marriage Visa Flow Chart – it will help you understand the costs below.

After reading below, please do not hesitate to contact this NYC marriage visa immigration attorney for further explanations.

Marriage Visa Costs If Outside the United States

If a couple marries and the foreign national spouse is outside the United States, it is necessary to apply for a marriage visa and then consular process before entering the United States as a permanent resident.  The process costs include:

Initial Petition Stage

Initially, a couple will need to file a marriage visa petition with the immigration agency in the United States.

Government Filing Fees

$420 for the Marriage Visa Petition

Total Government Fees: $420

This amount must be paid to the Government at the time that the application is submitted.

Marriage Visa Legal Fees

This fee varies from attorney to attorney and law firm to law firm.  I believe that most attorneys offer their marriage visa services on a flat fee basis, and that most attorneys have comparable rates.  However, an attorney’s level of service is much more important – and, unfortunately,  the level of service varies greatly among different attorneys.

Most important when dealing with a marriage visa attorney is to make sure he or she is:

  • Able and willing to do the process quickly,
  • Competent in spotting issues and handling Marriage Visa petitions, and
  • Willing to quickly answer your questions and explain the situation to you.

Also important, please remember that some attorneys provide assistance for only part of the marriage visa process.   Gafner Immigration Law Firm provides assistance throughout the process.

National Visa Center Stage

After the immigration agency approves the marriage visa petition, the case is transferred to the Department of State’s National Visa Center.  At this step, the State Department requires certain documents be provided.

Government Filing Fees

$230 Visa Processing Fee

$88 Affidavit of Support Fee

Consulate Interview Stage

Once the National Visa Center receives the required documents and fees, it will schedule an interview for the foreign national spouse at the local U.S. Consulate.

Medical Examination Fee

Almost all Marriage Visa applicants will need to complete a medical examination by a U.S.  State Department approved medical physician.  Although the cost charged by the physicians vary, it is generally costs around $200 t0 $300 – but check around – there may be better deals out their for immigration required medical examinations.

Total Medical Examination Fees: $200-300 (varies)


For more information, please contact this New York City Marriage Visa attorney.

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