Immigration for Athletes, Teams and Coaches

The United States offers multiple options for foreign national athletes, teams, and coaches entering the United States to compete.  Whether you are planning to enter the United States for a single competition or to become a member of an amateur or professional team, the United States offers a variety of immigration options.

If you are a foreign national athlete or coach seeking to enter the United States, please contact Gafner Law Firm to learn more about your possibilities.  The right immigration solution for you is based upon your particular needs and an immigration attorney can help you find that solution.

Possible Immigration Solutions:

O-1 Visa

The O-1 Visa is available for athletes who can demonstrate that they have extraordinary skills as demonstrated by “sustained national and international acclaim.”  Numerous factors go into determining O-1 visa eligibility, including awards, membership on renowned sporting teams, and accomplishments.

P-1 Visa

The P-1visa is often a more attainable visa for foreign nationals seeking to enter the United States for sports.  To obtain a P-1 visa an applicant must demonstrate that “internationally recognized level.”   Additionally, recent changes to the law have expanded this law to all athletes in certain professional and amateur leagues.  This visa may even be available to athletes participating in theatrical ice skating performances.

B-1 Visa

In certain, limited circumstances, an athlete coming to the United States to compete may be able to utilize a B-1 visa.

In addition, an athlete may be able to compete in the United States through other immigration visas and may be able to obtain permanent residency.  No matter what your sport, contact Gafner Law Firm to determine what immigration solution is best for you.