Immigration Court’s 800 Number – Check Immigration Court Status

Individuals who are in removal or deportation proceedings, or who are seeking asylum, must attend all immigration hearings or risk losing out on any possible removal defenses.

However, given the complexity of the system, individuals often find it difficult to keep track of their immigration court dates and other important immigration information.  To help immigrants, the EIOR (Executive Office of Immigration Review) has developed an automated phone system for individuals to track their cases through the court system.

The toll free number allows individuals to get their case information through an automated system, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The system is called the Immigration Court Information System.

How Does the Immigration Court Information System Work?


To use the system, an individual must:

  1. Dial 1-800-898-7180,
  2. Press “1″ to hear the instructions in English or “2″ to hear the instructions in Spanish,
  3. Follow the automated instructions and enter the eight or nine digits following the “A” in the “Alien” registration number that every person in removal or deportation hearings receives,
  4. Upon confirming the “A” Number, the automated voice will spell the subject’s last name and first name,
  5. If the name is correct, the individual is requested to press “1”
  6. Once the name has been confirmed, the operator will provide the following immigration options:

(1) Next hearing date,

(2) Asylum processing information,

(3) Decision information,

(4) Case appeal information, or

(5) Filing information.


Is the Immigration Court Information System Perfect?

No, unfortunately, the system is not perfect and every person facing deportation or removal should ensure that they are doing the right thing by contacting their deportation or removal defense lawyer.
However, for the most part the system works well and is a good resource.
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